The Best Gay Friendly Casinos Around The World, Where To Look?

Although casino games and gambling are genderless, it has always been noted that poker is a sport considered to be sexist, with very little female participation and almost no relevance to openly gay players.

Discover the world’s most gay-friendly place

However, poker and gambling are not something that is exclusively enjoyed by the heterosexual members of society. The wide variety of online games available at the Casino777 review, can be enjoyed by members of the LGBT+ community, but in addition, a large network of casinos has taken on gay friendly features, showing inclusive values and gaining an important visitor base annually.

Today we will present you with a list of the best “Gay Friendly” casinos distributed around the world, so you can be sure to visit them on your next vacation.

#1 – Madalay Bay – Las Vegas

Built in 1998, it is a complex operated by MGM Resorts International. It has a 135,000 square foot casino with all kinds of games and has been a movie set for many Hollywood movies since its founding.

The complex has 3,309 rooms and it faces right in the heart of the city, so you not only have the bets as entertainment, but there are many night shows to attend and daytime activities to enjoy with your partner or group of friends.

#2 – MGM Grand – Las Vegas

We cannot ignore in this selection the twelfth largest casino on the planet and the largest in Las Vegas. Here were held presentations of the illusionist David Copperfield, and great boxing battles, so it is a global benchmark in terms of entertainment, gambling and luxury.

Five swimming pools, waterfalls, a convention center, stores and night clubs are part of the tourist offer of the place, which has no qualms about accepting homosexual couples and preparing for them newlywed suites, so it is a wonderful escape for the community.

#3 – Caesars – Atlantic City

Like Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the luxury and elegance of the Greek and Roman theme is reflected here.

3,400 slot machines await you to make you spend hours of fun, in a cozy and luxurious resort, with more than 1200 rooms distributed in 25 floors. After its renovation in 2008, it has 320 poker tables and 120 dedicated to other games such as backjack, roulette and more.